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An elderly abbess disappears from her nunnery in remote Bhutan. The police suspects foul play, possibly murder. Kinley, a disbelieving yet sympathetic police detective is sent from the capital to investigate and apprehend their prime suspect:Choden, a young mysterious woman labeled by the village as a "demoness" due to her solitary and seductive ways. When Choden absconds before Kinley arrives, he is instructed to find and befriend her without revealing his identity, as she may lead him to more evidence or perhaps even the abbess. While Choden and Kinley travel together on foot, through forests, and past temples and villages, Choden entrances Kinley with seemingly random stories of historical dakinis (or enlightened Buddhist women of supernatural powers and wisdom also known as "sky-dancers"). Kinley soon finds himself torn between intense attraction for Choden and intense suspicion.

Once in Thimphu, Choden draws him further into a convoluted web of crime, greed, magic and dakinis. When Kinley learns that there are others following him, he no longer knows who or what to trust. He slowly realizes that Choden's stories of historical dakinis might provide the very "clues" needed to understand the investigation, yet first he might have to surrender to both Choden's charms and a belief in the historical and supernatural.


Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk Sonam Tashi Choden Chencho Dorji Kunga Dorji



Director:Dechen Roder

Screenplay:Dechen Roder

Directors of Photography:Jigme T. Tenzing

Costume Designer:Karma Wangchuk  Kesang Anayat

Music by:Tashi Dorji

Edited by:Dechen Roder

Producer:Dechen Roder Esther Koo



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AWARD(S) & FESTIVAL(S) Participation

  • 2014 Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum Awards (HAF) – Selected HAF Project
  • 2015 Asian Cinema Fund (by BIFF) – obtained Post-Production Fund
  • 2016 Busan International Film Festival (South Korea) | A Window on Asian Cinema
  • 2017 Berlin International Film Festival (Germany) | Panorama
  • 2017 Hong Kong International Film Festival | Global Vision